Local Emerging Market Reports


Over the past five years, Massachusetts has become the national incubator for social ventures, clean technologies, and innovative business solutions to climate change. Climate Action Business Association has developed a new series of reports, Local Emerging Market Reports (LEMR) to offer a spotlight on what we see as further opportunities for leadership in the transition to a carbon free economy. In our research we found it important not just to focus on technologies that disrupt markets but also on opportunities to change traditional business models. LEMR is a collection of quickly growing industries from throughout Massachusetts that are transforming the business-as-usual.

We wanted to add a unique lens to the conversation on local investment here in Massachusetts. The goal is to support local entrepreneurs, early adopters, investors, and others looking for market solutions to fuel the transition to a carbon free economy. We hope that this report will serve as a quick reference, teaching guide, conversation starter and tool for the future development of these sectors.