Policy Program

Policy Program

About the Program

Our Process

Our climate political advocacy program helps our businesses network identify and act on opportunities to advocate for better climate policies and understand the political landscape. By understanding the legislative process and keeping informed on relevant legislation, businesses are in a position to be well-informed advocates for climate change policy that is better for small business and the local community.

Our approach balances member education and dialogue with public officials.

  • Access to legislation briefs
  • Policy updates and alerts
  • Testify at hearings or submit written comments to policies
  • Attend a legislative meeting or a lobby day
  • Sign policy endorsement letter


We advocate for climate policies that would create and maintain a resilient and sustainable future for the local business community.

In partnership with Climate XChange, we specialize in carbon pricing policy and advocacy.

Carbon Pricing

Setting a price on carbon assigns a fair price to fossil fuels for their associated costs on society in the form of pollution and climate change. We need a strong price incentive to encourage energy suppliers and consumers to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels, moving to more efficient, local energy sources.

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Private sector voices can lead a transformation of our global economy, integrating climate policy into our processes and becoming advocates for change.


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Member engagement

Ready to get started making your business more sustainable? We’ll help you every step of the way. Our approach balances member education and dialogue with public officials. 

Ready to get involved? Email info@cabaus.org and tell us which action you and your business would like to take. If you’re not part of the CABA Network yet, sign up here.