Our metrics-driven sustainability program helps businesses set goals, track their progress, and achieve measurable results, using our proprietary sustainability data management tool. We support you in reducing your business’s carbon footprint while improving your bottom line.

CABA’s trained staff is able to identify strategic opportunities to enhance your business’s sustainability while maintaining profitability. We work with you to find solutions that make sense for your small business today while enhancing your resilience and reducing your contribution to climate change.

By sharing expertise and connecting with knowledgeable experts, member businesses are able to quickly learn from each other, creating a strong network and collection of best practices. We have helped a number of businesses enhance their sustainability performance. Read about the successes of our member businesses.


Political Advocacy

Our climate political advocacy program assists member businesses in identifying and acting on opportunities to advocate for better climate policies and understand the political landscape. Our framework includes promoting renewable energy, opposing new fossil fuel infrastructure, preparing our communities for climate impacts, and putting a price on carbon. Our approach balances member education, public outreach, dialogue with officials, and publicity about successful business and community climate change initiatives.

As a member of CABA your business will have leg up on their interests. Our policy team works to prepare bill briefs, organize campaigns, and coordinate dialogue with elected officials. If your business wants help with navigating the political landscape, contact our Policy Team.

Building Community

Your viability as a business depends on the resilience and prosperity of your local economy. Bringing stakeholders from the community together may be hard, and figuring out how to work with each other is even harder. CABA helps to strengthen local communities and promotes sustainable business leadership. With this foundation, communities can be better prepared to respond to the economic and environmental challenges of the future.

We do this by organizing events, preparing summary materials and creating and participating in opportunities for business leaders to speak, write or participate directly in policy conversations. Our programs educate business leaders on the climate change topics that are important to them.